Did You Remember to Tell Your Wedding Caterer This? -- Help from Hinesmark


You are in the throes of planning your wedding or some other top-notch celebration. You are excited and so are all your family members, friends, and colleagues... BUT did you remember to share these important numbers with your Food and Beverage Manager or your Caterer? You'll want to check this quick, helpful video out, because the info on it saved...

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ATLANTA HIGH FASHION | BRIDAL 2019 Elevates Haute Bridal Fashion to New Heights


On May 30, 2019, ATLANTA HIGH FASHION | BRIDAL 2019 hit the city with its highly anticipated, biennial production. Event producer Lauren Hines, CEO of Atlanta Wedding and Event Professionals and Hinesmark Affairs, alongside dozens of respected community partners ushered in engaged couples, other professionals, fashion influencers, and the bridal me...

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Top 5 Links for Wedding Day Kinks


I agree - NOT  a good look! I think her aggravation came from unaccounted wedding day woes! It's my mission today to help you avoid looking anywhere in the vicinity of this on your special day. 

We polled our friends on our Facebook page and asked what they'd guess to be a bride's biggest wedding day fear. Interestingly, the biggest fear most brides share is not fitting into their dress!  While this hiccup doesn't have an instant solution, I can provide you a wealth of helpful tricks to solve other wedding day mishaps in a jiffy!

Here's a round-up of our Top 5 Links for Wedding Day Kinks!

1) Wedding Dress Stains: How To Treat Emergency Wedding Dress Stains by Mary Marlowe Leverette, Laundry Superheroine

Yes, laundry experts exist! *smile* 

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Laurie Hartwell: The Planner's Coach - IDIMY010


Laurie Hartwell has more than 24 years of experience planning weddings across the country. Her company, Laurie Hartwell Events (also, A Wedding To Remember) earned many awards over the years and has planned weddings for celebrities and other elite clientele. She recently won "Most Helpful Mentor" at the National WEDDI AWARDS for her service to wedd...

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William and Schellie Hogan: Far Out Heroes - IDIMY009


Today's episode narrows in on the journey of leading creative William and Schellie Hogan. This supremely dynamic duo run the group of Far Out Galaxy heroes based in Atlanta, GA. Listen to hear how William launched the epic group of brands and how their love story with each other and for the industry came about in this episode of I DID IT... MY WAY....

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Robroy Wiley


Speaker and Investment Planner from SmartPlan Investing Robroy Wiley shows business owners and creatives how to "mind the financial gap" in their businesses during this special live audience recording. In a new year, business owners need to mind the gap. We need to assess the value drivers and the financial asset gap to run our businesses more inte...

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Liz King


Liz Caruso is a bonafide professional, an ingenious creator, and a foremost thought leader the event (and event-tech) industry. In this conversation, Liz shares the practices and tools that she and her team employ to create the massively successful, recurring events. Liz wears the crown as 'The Event Experience Doctor" well, as she influences and l...

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Nicole Gallub


Globetrotting entertainer, tech entrepreneur, and a great friend to the international events industry, Nicole Gallub is a boss! Nicole threw herself headfirst into DJ'ing around the world. You'll hear when Nicole decided to create her other persona - the famed DJ Neekola - and how she bossed the online booking agency arena for entertainers. Nicole'...

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The Unbeaten Path to Wedding Day Savings: Photography


Wedding season is upon us! Now that Spring has officially sprung, I've got no less than three weddings to attend this month alone. Perfect for a gal who blogs for a website dedicated to weddings, no? Anyway, for weddings in my community, it takes a village. That is, we who are able chip in financially to make the big day happen for our family membe...

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New Year Fitness Goals? Here's a Practical Workout Plan for You


With the start of the new year upon us it's time to decide what we want to accomplish over the next 12 months. For a lot of people that includes wanting to look better in that little black dress (or wedding dress)... and a lot of you will probably get off to a great start, but find that it's all too easy to slip into old habits that don't produce t...

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David Tutera Talks Wedding Trends, Dishes Advice


Our event of the summer had to be David Tutera's inaugural wedding experience event, marking his triumphant entrance into the bridal show arena. Buddy V, The Cake Boss, was there, too, and we know why America loves him! There were quite a few golden nuggets we took away from listening to Mr. Tutera himself. Here, we'll give you our Top 3 Tutera Tre...

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ATLANTA HIGH FASHION | BRIDAL: The Inaugural Revisited


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